Why is the AC Compressor Not Working?

An AC compressor is the most expensive AC component. It has a lifespan of 15 years. It can cost you more than $1500 in Florida for the compressor replacement. Any negligence towards AC maintenance can even lead to the complete failure of the AC compressor. The AC compressor compresses the refrigerant gas under high pressure. The compressed gas later gets pumped into the condenser coil. To fix a dead AC compressor, or install a new one, look for air conditioner repair in New Port, Richey, FL.

Reasons For The AC Compressor Not Working:

  • Thermostat settingsThe incorrect temperature setting in the thermostat can cause your compressor to stop working. If it is set at a high temperature, your room will get completely cool quickly, and the compressor will stop working. A malfunctioning thermostat also leads to this problem.
  • Blown fuse: The tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse is another reason for the compressor not working. It usually happens due to improper power supply, loose wiring, or damaged circuits.
  • Clogging inside ACIf your AC is too dirty and has not received cleaning annually, this will lead to clogging and blockage in AC components. Due to excessive dirt and debris accumulation, the condenser coil, air filter, and suction line get blocked. When these components are unable to function, this leads to the failure in the compressor as all the HVAC components are interdependent.
  • Insufficient refrigerant amountWhen your AC needs refrigerant filling, the compressor not working is one of the symptoms that indicate this need. 
  • Power supply fluctuation: The poor wiring installation of the house can lead to power supply fluctuation. When the AC compressor is not getting the required electricity, it stops working.
  • Different indoor and outdoor unit sizes:  Though you can install different brands of indoor and outdoor units, the size should match. If the outdoor and indoor AC units are not compatible due to different sizes, this leads to a faulty AC compressor.

Alarming Signs Of A Weak AC Compressor And Its Solution

When the room temperature is not favorable, and you are not receiving the desired cooling, your AC compressor is not functioning properly. The loud noises coming out of the AC compressor also indicate your AC compressor can fail soon. 

Annual air conditioning services in New Port Richey, FL, solve the issues related to the AC compressor before any fault arises in the compressor. Your air conditioner unit receives a full inspection and required repairs during the annual AC services. This will prevent the risk of the AC compressor failing. 

If you find a blown fuse, You can easily solve this problem by consulting a technician. The sub-components of the AC compressor can be easily repaired or replaced. In this way, you can prevent AC compressor problems. Besides scheduling annual tune-ups, one should also clean the AC unit regularly.


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