Careers in Plumbing and HVAC

Careers in Plumbing and HVAC

Although many people now believe that you have to go to college to get a good job, there is actually a very high demand for skilled trade workers. Plumbing and HVAC careers are two of the best trade careers to go into because of the excellent pay and benefits as well as enduring job security.

Keep reading to learn about the top seven reasons to start a plumbing or HVAC career.

1. Job Security

One of the best things about plumbing careers is that they will always be in demand. As long as there are pipes and HVAC systems, people will need professionals to maintain them. And unlike many other jobs, plumbers are not at risk of being replaced by machines or overseas labor.

In addition, the median age of plumbers is increasing. As a result, there are currently a large number of job openings ready to be filled all over the country, with 49,800 job openings a year on average.

Even when the economy is bad and many other people may be laid off from their jobs, plumbing and HVAC maintenance continues to be necessary. Becoming a plumber is an excellent way to ensure that you’ll have a job for decades to come.

2. Good Pay & Benefits

Plumbers tend to have very competitive salaries, especially those that work in population-dense areas. According to US News, the median salary for a plumber in 2019 was $55,160, with that number increasing steadily over the past ten years.

Highly experienced plumbers can even make up to $75,000 per year or more. The better you are at your job, the more money you’ll make and the more job flexibility you’ll have.

Most plumbers also receive excellent benefits, including health insurance, a 401(k) plan, paid time off, and more.

3. No Student Loan Debt

Another huge benefit of plumbing careers is that it doesn’t require a four-year college degree. Many plumbers only have a high school diploma, and become a plumbing apprentice with no other formal training.

In contrast to other jobs, which require a four-year degree that costs $40,000 per year, plumbing allows you to get paid as you learn. As an apprentice, you’ll earn between $12-$19 an hour. Even if you choose to attend a vocational school or community college, these options cost significantly less than four-year universities.

4. Every Day is Different

If you hate spending every day in the office, HVAC careers could be right for you. Every day as a plumbing professional is different since you’ll travel all over your community. Depending on your seniority, you might spend some days connecting with clients, while you’ll spend others fixing sinks.

Also, a career in plumbing means you get to connect with your community directly and meet new people every day. From commercial to residential jobs, becoming a plumber or HVAC specialist is a perfect job for anyone who hates doing the same thing every day.

5. Stay Fit

Becoming a blue-collar plumber or HVAC specialist keeps both your body and mind in shape. Since you’ll spend your days carrying equipment, bending, and crouching, you can skip the gym fees and enjoy the health benefits of a hard day’s work.

Plumbing also exercises your mind. On every job, you’ll use your problem-solving skills to determine the issue and the best way to fix it. Every case is different, so you’ll never be bored.

6. Job Satisfaction

Fixing and maintaining plumbing and HVAC systems is an extremely important job that’s associated with high levels of job satisfaction. Not only will you get to enjoy the sense of importance that comes with performing such an essential function, but you’ll leave work every day knowing you helped make people’s lives better.

By protecting people from water damage, water-borne diseases, and wastewater, plumbers fulfill a basic societal need that preserves the health of their communities and makes everyone’s lives better.

7. Advancement Opportunities

Since plumbing is a licensed and regulated industry, there are defined levels to advance through. From apprentice to journeyman, and finally to master, plumbers have significant upward mobility and are promoted within their companies as they gain experience and skills.

Apprentice Plumbers

Unlike many other jobs, apprentice plumbers receive pay for being trained. Over about three to five years, you’ll receive thousands of hours of training under the direction of a journeyman or master plumber. And unlike most internships, you’ll get paid for every hour.

Journeyman Plumbers

After you complete your apprenticeship, you’ll take an exam and receive a license to become a journeyman plumber. Journeyman plumbers are allowed to go out on jobs alone and make significantly more per hour than apprentices. These plumbers fix pipes, drainage systems, and gas lines in residential and commercial buildings alike.

Master Plumbers

Master plumbers must have at least five years of consistent work as a journeyman. They must also take another exam and receive another license.

This type of plumber makes even more per hour than a journeyman does, and tends to perform a higher-level, leadership role. In many cases, master plumbers work with their local officials to plan water systems and create schematics.

Start Your HVAC or Plumbing Career Today

Working as an HVAC specialist or plumber in Orlando is a well-paying job that offers high job satisfaction and great benefits without requiring you to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a college degree.

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