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Water Heater Repair and Installation
Water Heater Repair and Installation

Heat Pump Water Heaters Repair & Installation

Heat pump water heaters are up to three times more efficient than a conventional tank type water heater. They are used the same way as a heat pump to cool and heat your home. The heat pump water heater uses ambient heat and transfers that heat into water via coils wrapped around the lining of the tank. If you like the features of a tank type water heater but are tired of paying high water heating bills, this is the perfect water heating solution for you.

Did you know it is possible to cut your water heating costs in half by using a heat pump water heater? Much like a traditional heat pump, the heat pump water heater takes the heat from the air and uses it to heat the water in the storage tank.

Heat pump water heaters need a source of air so should not be installed in a closet or room without ventilation. They can be installed outdoors or in spaces that are unconditioned unless there is the risk of freezing. The installation of these units is more complicated than standard water heaters so it is important that a qualified technician does the job.

Maintenance is required more often with these water heaters, as the heat exchanger coil sometimes needs to be cleaned as often as every three months. For maintenance or repair, it is important to call a qualified service technician who has is trained in these types of water heaters. We offer heat pump water heater repairs on all makes and models. You can contact us for any HVAC services, as we are best HVAC contractor in Orlando, FL.

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