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Ultraviolet Water Treatment Repair & Installation – Tampa & Orlando

An ultraviolet water treatment system is used on plumbing systems to non-chemically, eliminate microbiological contaminants. The U.V. System attacks vital DNA and bacteria as water passes through the flow chamber. Bulbs typically have a 12-month lifespan and an audible and visible alarm so you know when to change the bulb. R.J. Kielty Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling offers installation, repair, and bulb replacement services on all ultraviolet water treatment systems.

The water you drink and bathe in must originate somewhere. Unfortunately, there are many places where it can pick up bacteria during the journey to the tap. One method used to minimize the work involved in providing clean water for your family and employees relies on ultraviolet water treatment.


Ultraviolet water treatment repairs and installs are relatively simple. Our plumbers can quickly assess the root causes of filter unit problems by monitoring the operation remotely with advanced tools, or simply using the built-in system gauges and meters. Once we have determined which portion of your filtration unit is malfunctioning, we rely on the typical modularity of most filters to remove the broken part and install a working replacement.

Watts UV Water System

Benefits of an Ultraviolet Water Treatment System Include:


  • Disinfection without chemicals
  • Disinfection for chlorine resistant bacteria, virus cysts


Note: Ultraviolet disinfection systems work great in combination with water softeners or saltless water softeners.

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