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Air Filtration Services

Air Filtration is used to help eliminate harmful indoor air pollutants. A whole house media filtration system is installed on the air handler used to capture airborne particles in a filter. Media filters can filter up to 40x more effectively than traditional filters, removing dust and pollen while maintaining high air flow. Electronic filtration system uses electrostatic technology, acting like magnets to trap charged particles. These filters can trap over 95% of air pollutants. An electronic filtration system can remove smaller particles than a media filtration system.

Whether in a home or business, a working air filtration system plays a vital role in removing the impurities found in air. From people with allergies to a team of scientists working in a research facility, anyone can benefit from an air filtration system. Installing the equipment to its precise specifications is critical to the success of the air filtration device.

When our professionals come to complete the installation, the extent of the job will vary based on the level of filtration needed. The more levels of filtration through which air must pass affects both the cost as well as the time it takes for us to install the system. Ducts are a common air filtration system, which can either pull new air in from outside or continuously recycle the air within a building. A single filter is an option if you want to remove major impurities. You can contact us for any air conditioning service, as we are the best AC company in New Port Richey, FL

Air Filtration helps eliminate:

  • Dust
  • Pollen
  • Dust mites
  • Allergens
  • Molds
  • Pet dander

Some Of Our Other Services:- 

For the highest level of indoor air quality, use air filtration in combination with ultraviolet lighting.