Plumbing Careers in New Port Richey

We Hire Happy Plumbers Who Become Happier

Many of us wind up in stagnant, frustrating work environments at some point in our plumbing careers.

Some bosses live in the past, holding onto antiquated practices that waste time and money. In some places, profit margins take precedent over employees. It’s impossible to continue professional growth when the people you work for don’t know how to grow.

Your source of frustration leaves you feeling underpaid, over worked, and under appreciated. Plumbing careers should provide great pay with room for growth and time to enjoy life outside of work.

The service you deliver produces too much value for you to be miserable. You’re a respected member of the community with a necessary service to provide, and your employer should treat you with dignity. As you well know, the lack of proper indoor plumbing equals healthcare disaster. Plumbers are frontline responders.

If you searched “plumbing careers near me” and found this article, you already live within reach of the company voted top workplace by the Tampa Bay Times.

R.J. Kielty Plumbing

For nearly 50 years, we’ve established our company through long-lasting relationships and a goal of improving our craft.

Our employees contribute to our mission of giving exceptional customer service, providing innovative solutions, and performing excellent service on every job. We offer 100% satisfaction and a no-hassle guarantee to customers. Customers get those guarantees because we provide 100% satisfaction and no-hassle guarantee to our employees as well. Our employees exist as partners within the organization, not cogs to keep the machine churning.

R.J. Kielty Plumbing, Heating and Cooling holds multiple best-of awards along with five-star ratings. To check for yourself, visit our FaceBook page, website, or Angie’s List for online ratings and reviews. You’ll also see our latest moves to help the community.

We offer a safe and friendly work environment with continued training to ensure you remain on the cutting edge of the plumbing industry.

Our employees enjoy:

  • Benefits
  • Piece and hourly work
  • Paid vacations
  • Performance bonuses

Once you enter the R.J. Kielty fold, you exponentially increase your chances for advancement. We seek to advance from within the organization by ensuring you have the tools to improve your craft. Continued training and our varied service opportunities in residential, commercial, and new construction installation keep your professional knowledge up to date.

We consider each employee a valued partner who has the knowledge and experience to increase our company’s value. The average R.J. Kielty technician has more than 10-years of experience combining for more than 1,000 years of experience. Since 1973 we’ve serviced more than 152,000 plumbing systems.

R.J. Kielty and the Community

We’re a family-owned and operated company with a serious investment and interest in the communities we serve. Our three locations in New Port Richey, Orlando and Tampa Bay supply us with a wide array of communities to influence. This broad reach also gives us resources and experiences which help us to hone our craft. At R.J. Kielty Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, We offer HVAC service in New Port Richey, FL at an unbeatable cost. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.

When we work in a community, we commit to improving every aspect of that community. If the people we serve experience success and happiness, we’ll experience the same professionally and personally.

R.J. Kielty belongs to multiple local builders associations, contributes to cancer research, supports local youth sports, and backs a host of other causes that benefit those in the community who need assistance. We support and help local causes because it’s the right thing to do, and it brings us joy.

If you have a passion for charitable giving, chances are we’ll have an avenue for you to further your cause.

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A Town with All You Need

Our R.J. Kielty location serving New Port Richey currently has opportunities available for high-performing, driven plumbers. The growth of the city and its surrounding areas provides us ample service opportunities, and we need more quality plumbers to help meet the demand.

If you searched “plumbing careers near me” and R.J. Kielty did not appear in your browser, it’s time to consider moving to the New Port Richey area.

New Port Richey exists within the Tampa Bay area. It offers a small-town feel with the big city just a short drive away. The offerings of this small town might even alleviate your desire to travel to the big city.

The Pithlachascotee (Cotee) River serves as the heart of town as it meanders directly through the city. Manatee and dolphins frequently swim the waters through town to provide added beauty to the area.

Multiple, city-maintained parks rest along with riverside with activities for kids and pets and boat-ramp access readily available at no charge.

Downtown’s traditional Main Street and historical town square provide a hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment with dozens of restaurants and several boutique shops. The city incorporated in 1924, offering nearly 100 years of history. Of course, the roots of the area stretch back into Native American history.

The 1920s brought silent film star Thomas Meighan to town. He nearly converted the area into another Hollywood during the decade and inspired the Richey Suncoast Theatre’s construction, which now hosts community theatre events. While the Great Depression and other factors dashed the Hollywood plans, the buildings and stories give this small town more beauty and history.

The Hacienda Hotel, which is currently undergoing renovations, holds Hollywood history and nearly a century of stories inside its walls. Soon, the building, which made the National Register of Historic Places in 1996, will begin weaving new tales with renewed vigor.

Pubs, breweries, ice-cream shops, and an amphitheater add more entertainment options for the community.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the James E. Grey Preserve spans 80 acres with deer, wild boar, turtles, manatees, and more than 140 species of birds. This stop for the Great Florida Birding Trail contains boardwalks that follow the river’s winding path for a peaceful walk and a playground to work out the rest of your child’s energy.

From 1920s movie stars to the invention of the sand wedge, this city holds a depth of history that parallels the trials and tribulations of America. Hollywood touched on the area in 1997 when it released Donnie Brasco, which stars Johnny Depp. The actual events depicted in the movie mostly happened just south of town in the Holiday community.

With more than 16,000 residents, the city maintains a small-town atmosphere. Thousands of people reside just beyond the town’s borders, making fertile ground for plumbers.

Come Work for Us

Every day provides us a new opportunity to grow and contribute. We consider our contributions to the community as investments into the future of R.J. Kielty. If we take care of the community, the community will take care of us.

Of course, we can’t accomplish any of that without our employees’ dedication and service. As a result, we offer performance bonuses and paid time off to meet our employees’ immediate needs and desires.

More importantly, we don’t hire people to execute a job. We hire people to join us in our quest to provide top-notch service to our communities. Because we hire people as partners and provide continued learning, the people we hire advancing through our ranks. Our hierarchy serves only to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. It never serves to pass the buck.

As we prepare to mark 50 years in operation, our reputation proves we are a company that treats its employees with fairness and dignity while exceeding customer expectations. Our open and honest approach with customers and employees gives us the upper hand as we credibly fulfill our commitments every day.