Garbage Disposal Installation Services

A garbage disposal is used to slice up waste in your sink’s drain so you don’t clog your plumbing system. Garbage disposals come in many different styles and horsepower models. Making sure you have the correct product for your family’s or business’s needs makes a difference. R.J. Kielty’s technicians can consult you on which product would work best for you.

Installed in over half the homes in the United States, garbage disposals save the homeowner time and money and are environmentally friendly. Solid food waste is 70 percent water and, as such, should be disposed of accordingly. A garbage disposal tied into the public sewer system accomplishes this goal easily and reliably.

Installation of a garbage disposal requires electrical and carpentry skills as well as plumbing expertise. The unit is incorporated into the plumbing system between the sink drain and the trap underneath the kitchen sink. The disposal is then hard-wired into the electrical system or plugged into an outlet. The on/off switch is also connected at this time. Lastly, the drain pipe connecting the disposal and the sewer system is plumbed. A properly installed garbage disposal will provide you with years of reliable service and will help reduce the smell and mess of kitchen garbage containers.

Garbage Disposal Repair

If your garbage disposal fails, it is important to get it back in working order, otherwise this could result in a costly clogged plumbing system. In the event that your garbage disposal is jammed or if it has a complete breakdown, our trained technicians can quickly fix your existing new garbage disposal at your home or business.


Troubleshooting Tips:

  1. Hit the reset button
  2. Unplug garbage disposal (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  3. Use a screwdriver to turn the grinding chamber until it is unclogged.
  4. If a spoon is stuck in the chamber you can retrieve it but never with your hands.


If these tips do not work, call our licensed professionals.

Garbage Disposals

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