Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter

Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter

No matter where water is sourced from, it will contain a certain amount of contaminants, which can include everything from inorganic metals to pesticides and gasoline additives. The surface water that can be found in lakes and rivers may be exposed to storm water runoff, industrial waste, and acid rain. Even public water supplies could be contaminated by agricultural chemicals and pathogens that can produce a wide range of harmful diseases.

While the water that gets sent to your home should have already been filtered by the municipality where you live, tap water still contains small amounts of contaminants that may bring about chronic health effects. Keep in mind that these effects aren’t immediate but can develop on a long-term basis. If you want to want to effectively filter all of the water that gets sent to your home, it’s highly recommended that you consider a whole house water filter. This guide takes you through the many benefits that come with having a whole house water filter installed on your property.

What Is a Whole House Water Filter?

A whole house water filter is a type of system that can remove contaminants and pollutants from all of the water that enters your home. Instead of installing a filter on a single tap in your home, this type of water filter works by being installed directly to your water line. Any water that goes into your house will first be filtered before it’s sent to any appliances, faucets, or toilets. Along with chlorine, odors, and chloramines, whole house water filters are able to remove iron, bacteria, sediment, and fluoride. Since these systems filter the water before it enters your home, they are considered to be the most effective water filters around.

Adverse Health Effects of Drinking Unfiltered Water

While the effects of drinking unfiltered water aren’t immediate, they can begin to develop on a long-term basis. Unfiltered water can also have a strong odor that can make it difficult to drink the water. The types of contaminants that can be found in unfiltered water extend to:

  • Nitrates
  • Lead
  • Fluoride
  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals
  • Parasites
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria

The presence of these chemicals heightens your risk of experiencing a waterborne illness. These illnesses may bring about adverse health effects like:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Aches and pains in your stomach

You can avoid these and other health problems by obtaining a whole house water filter. The right filter can eliminate more than 99 percent of contaminants in the water that’s sent to your home.

Primary Benefits of Using a Whole House Water Filter

There are many benefits that come with using a whole house water filter in your home, the primary of which is that it will provide you with drinking water that’s healthier and cleaner than unfiltered tap water. Since this type of system is designed to filter all of the water that enters your home from the city, the water that’s filtered through this system can be sent to every tap in your home.

You’ll also notice that the water tastes significantly better than unfiltered water. Chlorine is a chemical that’s commonly found in tap water. Even though this chemical is used for water treatment purposes, a high concentration of chlorine in your drinking water can lead to taste and smell issues. A whole house water filter is able to remove upwards of 99.6 percent of all chlorine, which will leave you with water that tastes and smells great.

Whole house filtration can provide you with softer skin and hair. When water has been properly filtered, the contaminants and chemicals that can cause your skin and hair to dry out are effectively removed. As filtered water is healthier for humans to drink, it’s also great for pets. Since nearly all contaminants are removed from drinking water with whole house filtration, you can be confident that your pet will remain healthy when drinking this water. Another notable benefit of this system is that no electricity is needed. Before the water enters your home, it will automatically be filtered without electricity, which ensures that your monthly energy bills aren’t too high. schedule a services of AC maintenance in New Port Richey, FL and surrounding areas. Call us at.

It’s also important to note that there are separate benefits that come with obtaining a whole house water filter that consists of a pre-filter. A pre-filter is a system that acts as a kind of sieve for removing manganese, rust, iron, and other particles from the water before it enters your home. The main benefit of obtaining a pre-filter system is that it will prevent sand, dirt, and other types of large particles from getting into the water supply that runs through your home. It’s important to remove larger particles early on to avoid damaging the fixtures and appliances that have been installed in your home.

Each filter that you use within a pre-filter system can last for upwards of 6-9 months. By having a pre-filter installed around your home, you can effectively prevent your shower-heads, water heaters, and aerators from becoming clogged. The remainder of the whole house water filter that you purchase should also last longer if a pre-filter is installed alongside the main system.

Whole house water filters are highly beneficial systems that can properly filter water before the water ever enters your home. When you filter this water, you won’t need to worry about the harmful effects that can be brought about with long-term exposure to certain contaminants and chemicals. Your water will also taste and smell better, which will invariably make you more likely to drink water and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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