Drain Cleaning – When to Call The Pros

Drain Cleaning – When to Call The Pros

When your home’s plumbing system is flowing smoothly, it’s easy to take it for granted, but drain problems can quickly become nightmarish situations. While you may be able to resolve any drain issues with a quality plunger, a bit of raw power, and some boiling water, it’s important to know when to call the plumbers in New Port Richey for drain cleaning services.

Bring in the Experts When Multiple Drains are Clogged at the Same Time

If multiple drains are backing up simultaneously, then it’s likely that your home’s main drain line has a clog, one that’s wreaking havoc on the other drains. When there is a main drain line clog, the only thing that plunging will do is increase the size of your biceps. Chemical drain cleaners are a waste of money in this case too because the clog is deeper than these substances can travel to.

Multiple clogged drains may also be a sign that you have a backed-up sewer. This is often a major catastrophe for homeowners. Tree and plant roots can make their way into the sewer line, causing it to back up. If the roots are permitted to grow long enough, they can crack your sewer line apart. You’ll need a pro for this kind of job. Professional plumbing companies use removal techniques and gear to clean out overgrown roots.

Our plumber pros will be able to determine if your drain clogging issue is due to a backed-up sewer or clogged drain vents. Drain vents are handy features that are designed to prevent sewer gas from building up between your home’s sewer line and the drains. The vents provide an escape route for sewer gas. In most cases, the vents are placed on the roof, and they stop sewer gas from making its way into your home. However, the vents can become blocked by something as innocent as a bird’s nest or debris from yearly wind and storms.

Nasty Odors that Make Scented Candles Necessary

If nasty odors are wafting out of your home’s drains, then this is a sign that something bad is likely happening inside your home’s primary drain line that requires professional attention. Keep in mind that your home’s pipes are constantly in contact with organic matter, which allows bacteria to flourish. When bacteria grows in the pipes, it causes a bad smell to drift out into the main areas of your home, forcing you to light nice smelling candles in an attempt to mask it.

Often, foul odors emitting from your drains are coming from an area in your pipes that’s hard to reach with chemical drain cleaners or plungers. A deep drain clean completed by an expert might clear out the unpleasant odors, but if it doesn’t, then there may be a broken junction or a busted pipe. You’ll need a professional plumber to repair or replace these kinds of fixtures.

Slow Emptying Drains

If a drain is emptying at a sloth-like pace, then this is a sign that you need to call a professional plumbing company. Once a drain starts to empty slowly, water will pass through it at a slower and slower pace until it backs up entirely. Why does this happen to your drains? Often, beard whiskers and hair become tangled in the sink stopper or deep within your pipes.

Each day that you shower or bathe, more hair slips down the drain, increasing the amount that’s tangled. As the wad of tangled hair grows, shaving cream, soap scum and other debris can latch onto it, which makes the problem worse. Slow emptying drains usually need a pro to come out and snake them.

Weird Noises

If the end of your bath involves the sound of a weird gurgling noise, then consider contacting a professional plumbing company to come check it out. Strange noises usually mean that there’s something happening with your main drain line that isn’t revealing itself in other ways like cloudy hot tub water or a backed-up bathtub.

Fruit Flies Suddenly Show Up

Fruit flies are a major irritation, and when your home becomes infested with them, it may seem as though it happened overnight because they reproduce so rapidly. If you notice that there’s a bunch of the little pests fluttering around your home, they may have arrived due to food waste remaining in your kitchen drain. Their presence is frequently a hint that your home’s plumbing is in need of professional drain cleaning services.

Your Store-Bought Drain Cleaner Failed You

If you’ve tried to unclog a drain using a store-bought chemical and it’s failed you, then you’ll know that you have a tough clog that requires the expertise of a professional plumbing company. Even if your chemical cleanser works, they generally aren’t able to clear a clog permanently, which means that the problem will come back to haunt you.

Chemical drain cleaners aren’t the best products to use. Expert plumbers usually avoid them. If they aren’t managed correctly, they can be dangerous to kids or pets, so you might not want to keep them in your home.

Drain Cleaning Near Me

Consider annual drain cleaning to keep your plumbing system working well and your drains functioning properly. Even if your drains are running smoothly, regular professional cleaning is a good idea. That way, they’ll continue to work as they should, and you can avoid the frustration that happens when they become clogged or backed-up. For drain cleaning near me, be sure to give us a call.

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