New Port Richey Plumbing & Air Conditioning, Since 1973

Keeping New Port Richey Clean and Comfortable

New Port Richey, Florida’s 1970s population growth came with service-industry stalwarts and some criminal elements to liven the local folklore.

As an influx of 1960s subdivisions started the New Port Richey population spike, some criminal-minded organizations thought they could capitalize on the local economic success.

New York mafia families moved to Florida in the 1970s to take over the garbage industry and set up a dog track in Pasco County, where New Port Richey resides.

North of New Port Richey, during the same time, we established R.J. Kielty Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. Our contribution to the community took on a more ethical and beneficial approach to business.

While we established our footing in New Port Richey in the late 1970s, the FBI moved in to clear out the organized crime. Agent Joe Pistone, aka Donnie Brasco, compiled evidence on Tampa Bay mafia men just south of New Port Richey from the King’s Court bottle club. Johnny Depp portrayed Pistone in the 1997 film Donnie Brasco, which came from Pistone’s book. King’s Court bottle club still exists as a property of a local church. The mafia lost its footing in the area once the FBI cleaned out the organized crime

The R.J. Kielty Advantage

We went the other direction of the mafia and solidified our status as a family-owned and operated, high-quality company with affordable pricing for plumbers in New Port Richey and AC repair in Orlando.

Our growth continues as we’ve expanded our reach to the Orlando area. Our full-service plumbing and HVAC contractors use specific systems, the latest techniques, and driven solutions to serve residential and commercial customers with a total dedication to customer service.

Employees, whom we consider valued partners, execute exceptional customer service while supporting water and energy conservation. Environmentally responsible practices and materials create a cleaner ecosystem and save the customer money.

By treating our customers fairly and saving them money, we get to strengthen the local economy as it builds on its history

New Port Richey History

With roots reaching back into the earliest days of America, New Port Richey achieved incorporation in 1924. The Pithlachascotee (Cotee) River runs directly through the city’s heart, creating local cultural depth. Parks and a refuge line the riverside with boardwalks, boat ramps, and benches for community enjoyment.

Dolphins and manatees frequently travel the Cotee River giving residents and tourists added entertainment.

Local festivals and special events celebrate the Native American history of the area and newer additions to the city’s culture. Citizens use the city’s parks and facilities to produce community-engaging gatherings that strengthen the city’s bond.

During the 1920s, the beauty and culture of New Port Richey brought Hollywood icons, like Thomas Meighan, who sought a winter haven. Meighan and others inspired the Richey Suncoast Theatre’s construction and the Hacienda Hotel. The Great Depression ended New Port Richey’s bid to become another Hollywood, but the impact remains today.

Richey Suncoast Theatre began as a movie theatre. After surviving shutdowns and re-openings, the facility settled into its current renovated role as a community theatre. The community is currently renovating the Hacienda Hotel, which earned a spot on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.

Restaurants, boutique shops, breweries, and a host of businesses flank the historical landmarks, including the quaintly scenic downtown square. Murals adorn several buildings to signify the rich culture of the residential community.

The 80-acre James E. Grey Preserve, six parks, and a recreation and aquatics center provide ample family fun. Park entry and boat-launch require no charge.

Services That We Offer:

R.J. Kielty Community Involvement

We aim to bolster the richness of the New Port Richey area through any charitable means available. Supporting local causes allows for a sturdier community, which provides us more opportunities to thrive.

Our technical knowledge gives us the authority to contribute directly to Rebuilding Tampa Bay and Habitat for Humanity. We stay abreast of local needs through customer connections and memberships with:

  • Tampa Bay Builders Association
  • Hernando Builders Association
  • West Pasco Chamber of Commerce
  • Pasco County Sheriff – Safety Town
  • Firefighter Organization
  • Rotary Pavilion
  • Fraternal Order of Police

We also sponsor local youth and high school sports to ensure a well-rounded education for our youth. Cancer research, along with other events and causes, provides outlets for us to give effectively.

Our charitable philosophy stems from our deep sense of humanity and a yearning to boost the area’s overall health, which benefits everyone. Local organizations reinforced our philosophy. We’ve received multiple local “best-of” awards, five-star ratings, as well as an A+ Better Business Bureau status.

New Port Richey Plumbing

Since our founding, we’ve serviced more than 152,000 plumbing systems. Our New Port Richey plumbers average 10 years in the field with more than 1,000 combined years of experience. In most cases, our technicians can execute same-day service treating each property with respect and leaving the work area clean.

New Port Richey plumbers begin with a free estimate for our licensed, insured, and bonded services. Our flat, up-front pricing includes no overtime charges on weekends during regular business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m.). We’re available every hour of every day of every year.

New Port Richey Air Conditioning Repair

Florida heat requires reliable air conditioning. Inevitably, reliable air conditioning depends on reliable air conditioning repair. When your HVAC unit breaks down, you don’t have the time or patience to wait for service.

Our pricing philosophy remains the same for HVAC maintaining free installation estimates and 24/7 availability.

HVAC and plumbing share the same amount of experience with drug-tested, background-checked employees. Our technicians take pride in protecting your home’s cleanliness and executing their jobs with the most effective efficiency.

Whether you need HVAC repair, installation, or maintenance, we have the experience to provide peace of mind.

Other Specialties

Our residential and commercial services cover everything from new construction installations to swapping out old thermostats.

We tackle water-treatment issues solving any water-quality problems you might encounter. Contaminant-free water benefits not only your health but also the health of your plumbing system and appliances. Our water-treatment offers include:

Take advantage of our free water analysis to determine if you’re among the many experiencing Florida’s notoriously poor water quality.

If you’re worried about your indoor air quality, our air filtration and UV lighting treatments can help. Once we evaluate your home or business’s air quality, we can determine your particular problem’s cause and solution.

R.J. Kielty and New Port Richey

We’ve invested nearly five decades of service with countless hours and human resources towards solidifying the foundation of New Port Richey. Our services exist to promote cleanliness and health by preventing the spread of disease through air and water.

New Port Richey plumbing keeps wastewater and drinking water where they belong. Our HVAC services keep the air you breathe inside safe and at a comfortable temperature.

Mobsters, movie stars, and a host of famous and infamous characters left their mark on New Port Richey. Each character wove his or her tale into the folklore of the community. Some even managed to leave landmarks to enliven the story. Much of this becomes fodder for plays, festivals, and schools.

Since 1973, we’ve chosen to make our mark through impeccable service and a charitable spirit. We keep our prices reasonable to ensure everyone can afford clean water and clean air in a comfortable climate. Our charitable giving serves to bolster the community cyclically. Since our success depends on the success of the people we serve, our commitment to the New Port Richey area will only deepen.