4 Common Garbage Disposal Problems And How To Fix Them

Kitchen gadgets can be very useful for the modern household. Kitchen waste, when properly disposed of, reduces the possibility of clogging drainage systems. Garbage disposals are reasonably priced and, when used properly, have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

4 Common Garbage Disposal Issues and Solutions to Fix Them

A Humming Sound is Coming From the System

A buzzing sound from the appliance is one of the most frequent issues. Sometimes, a jam will prevent the system from processing food when this sound is heard. The inner flywheel is where the jam is most frequently found.

Solution: To clear a jam, start by referring to the owner’s handbook that came with your appliance. If you fail to solve the problem, contact a plumber in Orlando. Use the trash disposal reset button to restart the device after clearing the jam. After you reset it, the system ought to function normally.

The System is Not Turning On

Is the garbage disposal in your home not working? If so, there might be a serious issue. The garbage disposal will occasionally shut off under heavy use to prevent the engine from overheating.

Solution: Wait a few minutes after this occurs, then restart the garbage disposal. If it doesn’t work, you might need to get in touch with a plumbing expert who can take a look and dig into the problem further to figure out why the system won’t turn on.

Fault in the Drainage System

A pipe or disposal unit blockage may cause your trash disposal to work slowly. There are two specific solutions for this issue.

Solution: Turn off or disconnect the lines leading to the dishwasher and sewer. Then thoroughly clean the pipes to eliminate any buildup of garbage. Another solution to unclog the disposal system is to use hot water, vinegar, baking soda, or a dishwashing tablet. If the problem persists, immediately hire an expert for sewer line installation in Orlando, FL.

The Bottom Part of the System is Leaking

Your device has to be serviced right away if you find a leak. If not, the water might ruin your cabinets and flooring. It may result in the formation of mold or may lead to other problems.

Solution: The first step is to identify the source of the leak. Check the drainage pipe, disposal’s outer case, and plumbing hoses. You might be able to fix the leak yourself if it’s small. Get assistance from a specialist for significant leaks.


The garbage disposal in a home is an often mishandled item. It is also one of the most important systems for keeping a kitchen clean. When a problem arises, your sink can have problems as well. It is better to look into the problem as soon as it arises and call an expert for garbage disposal repairs in Orlando.

Issues such as a clogged system, strange or unusual odors, or a dirty disposal system should be handled immediately. You may prevent such issues from becoming worse by planning regular maintenance.

Do you still have questions about how to fix garbage disposal issues? If so, check our website and our plumbing services. Contact us for assistance in fixing your garbage disposal. We’ll get back to you immediately and are happy to help with your problems.