7 Signs Of A Sewer Back-Up

In addition to being unsightly and foul-smelling, sewage back-ups can be very dangerous. Many severe problems may arise when sewage deposits remain in your plumbing system. It may get worse and cause more damage the longer it is ignored. You can act quickly to resolve a sewage backup if you recognize the signs.

Seven Signs to Identify sewage Back-Ups

Sewer systems are complicated. Contacting an experienced plumber can save you time and expenses on repairs. Below are the seven most common signs that can help you identify sewage back-ups:

Dealing With Frequent Toilet Backups

Using too much toilet paper may occasionally clog a toilet. If careful attention is not paid, it may develop into a severe issue. Sewer lines can clog over time due to large accumulations of debris. It is especially true if people put things down the drain.

Disposing of things or substances down the drain is not a correct practice. It is common for feminine hygiene products and toilet wipes to cause serious clogs within the main drain pipe. Most residents rely on sewer line installation in Orlando, FL.

Having Slow Draining Tubs and Sinks

Bathtubs and sinks may cause clogs sometimes. Therefore, it is best to use filters in the upper drains to prevent hair, food debris, and other materials from entering the pipes. It might become a huge issue if you fail to pay attention to it. Remove the dry or wet waste from the drains if you notice the pipes or drainage clogging.

Smelling a Foul Odor

A backup of sewage in the pipes may contain contaminated waste, including decaying organic matter. When you use the drains, you might notice a foul odor or strange smell. There shouldn’t be a smell from the pipes when the sewer lines are clear and clean. When washing dishes in the sink or while showering, always see that you don’t smell any new or unpleasant odors. These signs would indicate a major sewer line problem.

Finding Lush Green Spots on the Lawn

Sewer line breaks leak organic materials into the ground that act as fertilizers. Having soggy grass may indicate a plumbing leak that needs to be fixed. A crack in the pipes could be causing these areas to grow faster and greener than the surrounding vegetation. Technicians can use special equipment to identify cracks below the ground surface. If you are noticing any of these signs, it is time to get in touch with us, who will provide the best plumbers in New Port Richey to assist you.

Having a New Pest Control Problem

Cracked pipes can cause more problems than just plumbing leaks. Cockroaches and other insects or pests often use cracks in pipes to enter homes. It is possible to see these pests or insects entering through the pipes. Moreover, you may also notice more bugs inside your home. You can control a pest problem either way if you repair your pipes.

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