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NuvoH2O Saltless Water Softeners

NuvoH2O Saltless Water Softeners   How does it work? NuvoH2O works by citricharge neutralizing lime and scale in your homes “hard water”. Water flows in the chamber and runs across the cartridge in your Nuvo system and it releases the citricharge.Once attached to citricharge in the NUVO system lime and scale cannot be attached to…


Water Treatment – Water Softeners

Water Treatment – Water Softeners Typically, most homes do not have a water softener and the untreated water is described as “hard” water. Hard water is detrimental to your homes plumbing system. It will corrode faucets faster, leave spots on your shower door and dishes, and soaps leave your skin dry and scaly after use.…


Housing Market on the Upswing

Housing Market on the Upswing The FHBA’s (Florida Home Builders Association) February 25th article offers promising news to the Florida housing markets. As you can see in the table; permits and price growths have been steadily increasing in 15 most improved markets throughout Florida. In January, even though there was a dip in the housing…