Benefits of Annual HVAC Maintenance

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Benefits of Annual HVAC Maintenance Ideally, you’ll have your home’s heating and cooling components inspected at least once a year. Doing so can help to ensure that they operate at peak efficiency for the entirety of their useful lives. It may also minimize the risk of voiding the warranty on a condenser unit, heat pump […]

Is your heater blowing cold air?

Heater Blowing Cold Air - New Port Richey

Heater Blowing Cold Air? One of the many reasons why people move to the Tampa Bay area is to experience warmer temperatures. Most of the time, they do. Average mid-winter highs and lows here are generally in the 70s and 50s, respectively. However, exceptions do exist. The most extreme occurred on Dec. 13, 1962, when […]

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Keeping New Port Richey Clean and Comfortable New Port Richey, Florida’s 1970s population growth came with service-industry stalwarts and some criminal elements to liven the local folklore. As an influx of 1960s subdivisions started the New Port Richey population spike, some criminal-minded organizations thought they could capitalize on the local economic success. New York mafia […]