Causes And Fix Of Clogged Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is a system used to shred and dispose of the waste material in dishes. It is essential in every kitchen sink to ensure that the food or waste material does not block or clog the drain pipe.

What if the garbage disposal stops working? Our experts at garbage disposal repair in Orlando have some tips that you can use to fix the garbage disposal and restore its functioning.

Reasons That Explain Why Your Garbage Disposal is Improperly Functioning

  • After the garbage disposal has shredded the waste material into pieces, it is essential to pour a sufficient amount of water down the pipe to ensure the garbage disposal is clean. The garbage disposal will stop working if the food particles are still inside the corner of the blade or garbage disposal.
  • According to plumbers in New Port Richey, a garbage disposal cannot shred or dispose of every food material. The experts avoid throwing eggshells and coffee grounds because they can lead to sticking the sludge in the pipe and block the drain.
  • Potato peels are another food item that comes on the list of food materials that one is not supposed to throw in the garbage disposal. Garbage disposal repair advises throwing potato peels separately in the waste bin.
  • Fibrous foods like bananas, celery, or artichokes can mix with other waste materials and clog the garbage disposal and kitchen sink drain.

How to Quickly Unclog Garbage Disposal?

According to the experts, here is how you can fix the garbage disposal system:

  • Turn off the garbage disposal system from the power plug.
  • Use the flashlight on your phone to look in the drain for particles blocking the drain pipe.
  • With the help of needle nose pliers, remove the particles.
  • If the above method does not work, bend a little and try to locate a hexagonal head bolt in the center of the unit under the sink.
  • Experts at slab leaks in New Port Richey advise using a wrench to loosen the head bolt inside the disposal system until the bolt loosens a little bit.
  • Click the reset button at the bottom of the unit and see if the condition improves.
  • If the rate of disposal is slow, then the issue lies in the P or S-shaped fitting behind the disposal discharge pipe.
  • Take a bucket and place it under the pipe. Now, unfasten the bolt with the help of channel-type pliers and collect the water in the bucket.
  • Take a long but small brush and clean the pipe to remove the build-up.
  • Connect all the things and check whether there is any blockage or not.

Fix Plumbing Problems in Your Household

According to our plumbers, if your garbage disposal is old and takes time to dispose of the waste, it is better to purchase a high-speed garbage disposal system.

You will find a solution to all your problems at R.J. Kielty Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc Service. We will help to fix clogged pipes and slab leakage issues. Call (727)-863-5486, and our plumbing experts resolve any garbage disposal blockage issues.