Difference Between AC Tune-Up and AC Inspection

There are several services available for deciding what your unit needs. It might be an ‘AC Inspection’ or ‘AC Tune-Up’ based on its condition. As the cooling season starts, you might choose between the two more often than required. These services keep your unit at the top of its game. 

However, how to know which service your unit requires? Is AC inspection more important than AC tune-up or vice-versa? Why are both of these so important for your AC’s well-being?

What is an AC Tune-Up?

An AC tune-up is just like maintenance or the tune-up of any vehicle. It keeps the unit in good condition while still working and retains its efficiency. While performing a tune-up, an AC technician performs several major and minor changes to the unit. These changes are curated to keep your unit functioning in top condition. These can include:

  • Cleaning or changing the air filters
  • Adding refrigerant to the unit
  • Cleaning the condenser unit of the unit
  • Replacement or checking of the electrical parts of the tune-up

Tune-ups are designed to catch potential problems at the grassroots level. It ensures that they do not grow too much and run the unit’s risk of breaking down.

What is an AC inspection?

An AC inspection typically happens when your unit is not working as expected or has stopped working. It is done when the unit is not at its functioning capacity and requires immediate attention so that it can work again.

An AC inspection consists of diagnosing the persisting problem instead of maintaining it. The HVAC experts find out the issue in the diagnosis and fix it-returning your AC to its original condition. If you’re a local, then AC service in New Port Richey, FL, are the way!

Why get an AC Tune-Up over an AC Inspection?

AC Tune-Ups reduce the risk of damage to the unit. You won’t have to get an AC inspection done if a proper tune-up is done. You should opt for a yearly tune-up plan that covers basic work. Also, it should look after specialized components as well.

Your AC is an expensive unit, and you need to look after it correctly. Failing to get a tune-up will deteriorate its condition and might lead it to break down. It, in turn, will lead to expensive repairs and hefty bills, none of which you want.

So, a tune-up goes a long way in keeping your unit working and in good condition. Hence, you should choose a tune-up to benefit your health and your unit. Our team of AC maintenance in New Port Richey, FL, offers excellent tune-up services at an affordable cost.

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