Easy and Effective Guide for Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are referred to as prefabricated homes or manufactured homes. These homes benefit the users with several advantages, so they are pretty desirable to potential buyers. As a result, their popularity is improving day by day and is being spotted more and more worldwide. 

But one of the most significant challenges faced by the owners of a mobile home is that they have limited space. This factor makes the installation of regular HVAC systems tricky or even impossible. However, some of the heating and air conditioning systems are designed to be fit only for such homes. So, if you are looking for AC repair in New Port Richey, FL, then go for the company that could assist you with the latest technologies. 

The modern HVAC equipment is designed primarily to be compatible with the dimensions of a mobile home. Let us read about their features below. 

Packaged Systems

These systems are manufactured with a heater and air conditioner in a single component. These all-in-one systems contain coils, air handlers, and compressors in one unit. Your packaged system can either be connected to your ductwork or attached to your roof. The most significant benefit of installing these systems is that they don’t take valuable indoor space.

Ductless Mini-Splits

These splits are cooling and heating systems that are the best-suited for mobile homes that lack ducts. They come with a simple wall-mounted indoor air handler for each room and an outdoor compressor-condenser. You can install these devices throughout your home, and additionally, their temperature can be zoned for each particular area. Thus, even when one room is heating, the other can be cool simultaneously. Try out air conditioning services in New Port Richey, FLand prevent any AC damages further. 

Forced Air Systems

Since the mobile homes lack an attic or a crawlspace to hold a regular furnace, they use typical forced systems. These houses have a cabinet that houses a motorized blower used to drive warm air into the ductwork through the registers into each room. The air is further pulled back into the furnace via a return vent. Keep a check at the HVAC service in New Port, FL, and use your AC with minimal maintenance. 

Central Air And Heat

Newer mobile homes are designed to install the air conditioning unit and furnace while being put together on site. Also, suppose your mobile home houses a dedicated area for storing an indoor unit and has enough space for ductwork. In that case, central air and heat are considered a convenient and cost-effective option.


If you seek an HVAC contractor in New Port Richey, FL, our skilled technicians are ready for service 24*7. Our specialists are well equipped and familiar with the peculiarities of the heating and cooling systems solely manufactured for mobile homes. Also, we can help you save money while using your AC with the latest technologies. Thus, if you desire proper installation or any sort of services concerning your HVAC unit to ensure year-round comfort, all you need to do is to call at (813) 278-6373.