How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

The air conditioning unit plays a significant role in making your house a place of relaxation. You may notice that your unit is working harder to get the same degree of cooling that it used to. Similarly, if you have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, the heating may become ineffective with time.

Cleaning the air conditioner is an important part of maintenance that will keep your system in good working order for a longer period. It equates to AC repair in New Port Richey and cheaper energy costs. You can clean the air conditioner for greater performance with time, patience, and accuracy.

The Steps:

First, remove the plastic filter holder panel. Usually, it pops off. Then, either take the unit out of the window or move it out of the wall.

Disconnect the mounting frame and casing if you’re working on a window AC unit. Case screws are often found around the bottom edge of the case. Take note of the placement of any odd-length screws since they must be replaced in identical locations for reassembly.

Comb the Mats

  • Using a fin comb, straighten the bent cooling fins.
  • Match the fin gap on your coils to the right end of the ac fin comb.
  • Then, put the AC fin comb on and pull it up on the fins to straighten them.
  • Wear leather gloves to avoid painful cuts.

Get Rid of the Stuff

  • Purchase two containers of AC coil cleaning.
  • Vacuum all visible accumulation from both coils before applying the cleaner.

Use a Foam Cleanser

  • Spray the whole surface of each coil with the spray and let the foam do the rest.
  • Clean in the direction of the fins with a polyester brush if the accumulation is excessive.

Maintain the Fan Motor

  • While the foam is working, wipe the fan blades with a cloth and a household cleanser.
  • If the fan motor has oiling ports that are plastic or rubber-capped, open them and pour in a few droplets of electric motor oil before recapping.
  • Finally, clean (or change) the air filter before reinstalling the device.

A cleaned air conditioner is an efficient air conditioner, but cleaning your AC unit yourself isn’t always feasible. If you don’t have a shop vacuum, don’t want to use chemical-based cleaning solutions, or don’t want to spend hours painstakingly combing your AC’s fins back into place, it’s time to call in the AC duct cleaning in Orlando.

Cleaning as a Part of Maintenance

R.J. Kielty Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. does thorough cleaning as part of preventative maintenance. Our professionals not only cleanse your AC system, but they also go through a thorough checklist to guarantee that your unit functions smoothly. After the tune-up, the AC company in New Port Richey, FL, may provide you with a detailed report outlining the work done and any repairs or modifications that are required. 

R.J. Kielty Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. wishes to keep your house working smoothly from plumbing to heating and cooling. We are your choice for efficient and competent air conditioning services in New Port Richey, FL, whether you need to arrange a simple repair or need emergency services right away.