NuvoH2O Saltless Water Softeners

NuvoH2O Saltless Water Softeners

How does it work?

NuvoH2O works by citricharge neutralizing lime and scale in your homes “hard water”. Water flows in the chamber and runs across the cartridge in your Nuvo system and it releases the citricharge. Once attached to citricharge in the NUVO system lime and scale cannot be attached to your homes plumbing system and appliances.


Zero Salt Required: Protect your health
Eliminates harmful scale: Prevents buildup of scale, no clogs
Compact Design: only need to change cartridge every 6 months!
Costs: 50 to 80 percent less expensive than standard water softeners
Protects your homes plumbing system and appliances: which saves you $
Treats both hot and cold water in the entire house: no replumbing needed!

NuvoH2O is a great alternative to water softeners that require salt. To learn more about this product and other water treatment products. Call us at (813) 278-6373.

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