Why Do My Pipes Sound Noisy?

You’ll hear various sounds when you have hot water running through your home. It could be anything from banging, creaking, humming, and possibly a few other sounds. The cause of the noise may be your plumbing and fixtures. To avoid any further damage, contact our expert plumbers in New Port Richey to inspect the system. 

The Reasons for Noisy Pipes

Various factors could cause your pipes to clang, bang, and shake whenever you use the plumbing fixtures within your home. If you hear the sound of clanging, banging, whistling or humming, or other strange sounds, it’s likely because of one of these reasons:

• Water Hammer

Water flows through your pipes at high speed when you turn the tap to full. If you don’t turn the taps off slowly, slowly, and gradually, which is what most people do, then the flow will be immediately cut off when you shut off the water supply. The water then hits the shut-off valve, which causes the sound of a bang. If you’re experiencing high pressure, this impact could be more noticeable. We also offer the top-notch services of slab leaks in New Port Richey.

• Age


If you’re in an older house, your plumbing system likely functions as an instrument that can be percussive. If you shut off your plumbing appliance, closing the valve causes the water to hammer into your pipes. 

• High Water Pressure

The home’s cold-water supply pressure will constantly be maintained using an adjustable water pressure regulator. Our plumbers in Orlando suggest that vibrating or humming is a common sign of high-pressure water. 

If your pressure is fluctuating or more than you’re comfortable with, locate the main water valve and determine whether there is a second device on the opposite end of the valve. If the pressure from the hot water pipe appears excessively high, adjust your water heater repair in Orlando.

• Copper Pipes

Copper pipes are known to expand when heated water passes through them. In tight areas, copper hot-water lines may expand, then rub against the concealed structural elements such as joists, studs, and support brackets as they contract. One solution to the issue is to reduce the temperature setting of the water heater you are using. 

• Loose components

When water flows through the pipes, they move and meet with the parts within them. The sound produced by the two components rubbing against each other causes your pipes to create noise and your plumbing fixtures. 


Hot water flowing through these pipes could be pushed against wood joists or drywall in between the walls. To avoid this, our professional plumbers in Orlando protect them by putting insulation on them.

To Summarize,

If you live in a region with excessively high water pressure in the area you live, your pipes can likely make loud, slamming, or vibrating sounds. This is because the pressure inside the pipe encounters total resistance when a faucet or valve shuts. 

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